Hiring And Donating Instruments

Hiring Policy

Hiring of instruments is subject to availability and parents will be liable to any damage.

For some instruments, parents will be responsible for their safety and care, and should have the instrument insured. The hiring charge will be collected until the instrument is returned, and fines will be charged for lost BMS instruments – which will be equal to the replacement value of the instrument.

BMS hired instruments are not transferable between pupils. In most cases, instruments will only be available for one year after which parents will need to purchase a new one. Last but not least, child-sized instruments and very valuable instruments will be exempted and cases of financial hardship will be taken into consideration.



Donating Instruments:

If you have any musical instruments gathering dust in your loft, please consider donating them to Borough Music School, so that we can provide them for children who cannot afford to buy their own. The more instruments the better, so do get in touch if this sounds like you!


To discuss further possibilities, please contact the Curriculum Manager through our Contact Form.