Borough Music School provides young talented students with the opportunity to access a musical education of the highest quality. Every year, pupils who wouldn’t have access to private music tuition are welcome to join our friendly community, and to experience the joy of learning a musical instrument with highly-esteemed tutors.


Support us! We invite you to join us in helping young people access a quality education.     Your donations go so far:

  • £90 gives a child a full year of group lessons.
  • £500 gives a group of children a year of brass band lessons.
  • £1600 covers 3 guitar group sessions for a full year.
  • £1800 provides a Saturday session of lessons for over 70 students.


Whether you are a business, an organisation or simply a meaningful person, we urge you to support our community. Every penny counts!



If you would like to offer funding to Borough Music School, please get in touch at